Simple Life Hacks to Get Rid of Pests

Simple Life Hacks to Get Rid of Pests

Homemade Flypaper


Unwanted pests got you down? These simple life hacks should get the problem under control in no time, and there’s no need to spend tons of money on an exterminator!

If tons of flies are zipping around your house, it’s probably time to take action. You can easily make a homemade non-toxic flypaper with a brown paper bag cut into strips and some form of sugar (white or brown sugar, honey, or syrup). Simply heat up equal parts of the sugar and water in a pan until it all melts together, dunk the strips of paper into the mixture, and then hang them up to dry.

Once the strips are dry, they will work as flypaper. If they dry out too much and aren’t sticky, simply spray them with water. To help prevent so many flies from entering your home to begin with, try hanging a Ziploc bag of water near your entrance doors. It will confuse flies into thinking there is a predator there and they will avoid the area.